Casale’s History

Aprilia 1950.

After having searched for and found, through long and exhausting research, a fertile land that was also plentiful in water, Francesco Saverio de Leone and his wife Giorgina, decided to call it CASALE SAN GIORGIO, thus honouring the Savoia cavalry in which he served with the rank of Major. It was love at first site. They dedicated themselves with passion and started a farm that became a model in cultivating and in animal farming. In the heat of the agro Pontino the work thrived and so the main house, the barn, the stable and the silos were built.

It was all completed by planting eucaliptus and pine trees. As the years went by a first change came about and the animals left space for the cultivation of grain and hay. But as is the evolution of things, where everything flows like a river in which we never baith twice in the same spot, the wind of change started to blow.

And so we arrive at the present day and the family decides, with the same passion, remembering their past, to dedicate themselves in the prouction of extra virgin olive oil, in that farm known by all the community us the farm of the Major.